NHL 07

The golden era of hockey videogames is back with NHL 07 brought to you by EA SPORTS – brand of the best-selling hockey videogame. Handheld hockey now rivals its counterpart on the ice with unmatched level freedom and control – and after years of playing only on home ice, you can finally take your team on the road with NHL 07 for the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Featuring the same core gameplay experience, graphic quality, AI and animations as its console counterpart, you can expect a continuation of your experience at home while playing-on-the-go. With full connectivity to your PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, build a team in Dynasty Mode at home and take them on a road trip to keep the momentum alive. Progress on the road is added to your team total when you return home and link up – and vice versa.

Off the ice, act as the General Manager in a deep Dynasty Mode. Do whatever it takes to meet an owner's expectations by properly managing rosters and using your creativity to fit player salaries under the new cap.

With short load times, easy to manage pause features and controls customized for the PSP, whether you're running the front office or dominating the rink, NHL 07 is the best handheld hockey experience ever created.

Key features

  • Link to your PlayStation 2 console: Transfer your Season or Dynasty mode files back and forth between your PSP and your PlayStation 2 console. Now you can build up your team playing at home or on the road.
  • Robust Dynasty Mode: Build team chemistry, sign and trade players, and negotiate contracts under the new salary cap to meet an owner's expectations. Earn trust points with every positive move then purchase upgrades for the team.
  • Realistic Player-Specific Models: NHL 07 players act like their real-life counterparts with six different player types, including Danglers, Playmakers, Snipers, Power Forwards, Offensive Defensemen, and Defensive Specialists.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Intuitive control mapping, short load times and easy to use suspend features to enhance your play-on-on-the-go experience.
  • Quality of Graphics and AI: NHL 07 for the PSP stays true to the quality of graphics and intelligent AI you'll find on the PlayStation 2 console.
  • Ad-hoc and Wi-Fi Infrastructure: Online or across the room, you'll be able to turn your closest friends into rivals with head-to-head multiplayer Wi-Fi games.

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