Heavy Fire Afghanistan

In just a few months after its release, Heavy Fire: Afghanistan has become the modern on-rails shooter reference in the US. Whether as an elite soldier, tank or Humvee gunner, or helicopter machine gunner, you are at the heart of explosive action! Use the available cover to protect yourself and eliminate your enemies without getting hit. Throw grenades to take down snipers and take control of a tank or helicopter to destroy what remains of the resistance. As you progress in the game, you will access more and more powerful weapons, equipment and vehicles, to ensure your squad can achieve total domination!

  • A frantic shooter in the tradition of the best arcade machines: non-stop action guaranteed!
  • Over 20 levels: as an urban guerrilla, a gunner on armoured vehicles, using air assaults and much more!
  • Play with up to 4 players on-screen at the same time in co-operative or versus mode
  • Share your scores and trophies on-line

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