King of Fighters: Neowave

The King of Fighters NEOWAVE is the first ever King of Fighters game SNK has developed for the arcade that hasn’t been based on NEOGEO technology. As well as an all-new fighting system that provides fighting styles for players of all skill levels, gamers are treated to lavishly produced high-res backgrounds. Firm favourites from the series previous iterations appear, remaining true to the characteristic SNK style.

The ability to choose from three different fighting styles – Max 2 mode, Super Cancel mode and Guard Break mode – ensures generous tactical depth, and an array of different attack and defense options, including the excellent Just Defense first seen in SNK’s highly lauded Mark of the Wolves, also ensure NEOWAVE is always a challenging and entertaining experience.

  • 43 finely-balanced stylish characters to choose from initially, with further characters to unlock
  • Uses the popular 3-on-3 battle format
  • Gorgeous high-res backgrounds and new sprites created for superior hardware
  • Multiple fighting styles to cater for every type of player
  • The return of some old skool favourites to the fighting roster
  • Additional features not found in the original Arcade version

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