Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom provides gamers with a next-generation visual experience using the graphics rendering power of the PlayStation 3 system cell technology. Gamers can enjoy new high-definition graphics offering vibrant environments, beautifully rendered characters, highly detailed creatures and intense battles filled with combat, magical spells and the latest special effects.

Players will be able to experience realistic RPG action through the integration of real-time physics through the use of a unique physics engine system, as well as lightning-fast creature combat and interactive environments filled with destructible objects and challenging puzzle elements. The epic storyline – written in collaboration with Keith Baker, a freelance writer of Dungeons & Dragons material, including his award-winning setting, Eberron – comes to life through in-game cinematics and VO dialogue as players vie to end the tyranny of a King they once served. A multiplayer cooperative mode provides gamers with the ability to play online with their friends, and additional online support through the PlayStation Network will give players the chance to obtain additional content post launch.


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