Xbox Live-päivitys SOF II: Double Helix:iin

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*Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix*


Kowloon Market

This urban maze features close-quarter combat in both indoor and outdoor environments. Danger lurks in hidden alcoves, balconies, and rooftops.

Oil Rig

Isolated in the middle of the ocean in the dead of night, this multi-tier oil rig features both wide-open outdoor and constricted indoor action. Watch out for rockets from below and sniper fire from above. Several paths allow for multiple strategies in infiltrating your opponent's base.

Kremenchug Hydroelectric

Inside this huge, multi-level power plant, you'll traverse through frigid waters to infiltrate your enemies' base or ambush unsuspecting victims from above.


Wreak havoc in this open arena filled with the ruins of ancient temples. Use the ruins to obtain tactical advantages over your opponents. But keep moving—on this map there's nowhere to hide!

Cheapshot Forest

Rain death on opponents from above, but watch your step, it's a long way down. Rope bridges connect a forest of giant trees that have grown throughout this ancient battleground


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