Karvakamut (Boog & Elliot)

Uutiset pelistä:

Ubin talouskatsaus ja tulevia pelejä

Virallinen tiedote:

Experience the emotional rollercoaster of the movie, as Boog transforms himself from a mild bear to a wild grizzly and interact with all your favourite animals from the movie to help drive the hunters out of the forest.


  • Take advantage of Boog’s many moves like, Charge and trample hunters, Roar like a mighty beast, grab and throw hunters into trees, traps and each other, perform sneak Attacks place traps
  • Take advantage of Elliot’s many moves like, Taunt, dodge, scare, snipe and jump over hunters, Ride down the outside river rapids and the experience the rush of the mine cart rollercoaster!
  • Unlock advanced skills by picking up WILD STYLE POINTS
  • Many hours of gameplay including multiple levels and unlockable mini-games
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 players

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