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Rumble Roses XX

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The vixens of wrestling are back. Delivering looks that kill with the visual "enhancements" that you would expect for a next generation game, Rumble Roses XX is more than just another pretty face. Get in the ring and unload submission holds, reversals, and an increased number of other new moves. Customize your own character, then go online and team up with another beauty in head-to-head and tag team matches. Fight fair or fight dirty and humiliate your opponents.


  • NEW GAMEPLAY MODES: Handicap Matches, 3- and 4-way Battles, Street Fights, Queen's Matches and Tag Team Matches where team dynamics are affected by each girl's attitude toward one another. Team up with a friend and she'll save you from a pin fall. Team up with an enemy and you might be on your own.
  • NEW WRESTLING MOVES: Break down and humiliate your opponents with a wider variety of moves, reversals and combinations, then finish them off with a unique and powerful finishing move, and use your partner to execute a wildly powerful double-team action move!
  • GET ONLINE WITH XBOX LIVE! Compete online as a team or go head-to-head, check out online rankings, upload/download images from character photo shoots and more.
  • MORE THAN 40 WRESTLERS Customize your character with a variety of costume changes and physiques and win over the crowd to become a "superstar" with a new entrance sequence and upgraded moves.
  • NEW COLLECTION SYSTEM Earn points by winning matches to collect new costumes, penalty games, photo shoot actions, entrance animations and more.
  • LEARN THE ROPES You can't expect to win if you don't know the basics. Use the tutorial to learn the ins and outs of wrestling and pick up some new tricks along the way!
  • PHOTO SHOOT Shoot photos of your character in a variety of different settings, save your favorites and share with others via Xbox Live!
  • MADE BY THE KINGS OF WRESTLING Developed in conjunction with Yuke's Entertainment - the undisputed champion of wrestling game development


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