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Näyttäisimme tässä kohtaa mainoksia. Maksamme sivuston palvelinkulut mainoksilla. Ethän blokkaa, kiitos!

PS4, PC / Windows


Inkle Studios


Uncover a forgotten past and decipher a lost language in this open-world narrative adventure game.

Join archaeologist Aliya Elasra and her robot sidekick Six as they investigate The Nebula, an ancient network of scattered moons.

Discover lost sites, freely explore ancient ruins and translate inscriptions to reveal the secrets of the Nebula’s past.

Decipher an entire hieroglyphic language in a puzzle mechanic with a unique narrative twist: every inscription you find has a meaning, and the translations you choose feed back into story, changing Aliya’s ideas about what she’s found. But be warned – you won’t ever be sure if your translations are correct.

The game has a non-linear design that allows you to approach the story in any order; backed up by inkle’s narrative engine, ink, which remembers every choice you make and every path you follow – and every path you don’t – and feeds that into what happens next.

A diverse cast of characters will react to everything you say, and change their approach depending on how you treat them. Some are kind, some are cautious, and others are out to con you – you have been warned!

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