Mind Quiz: Excercise Your Brain

Originally, Mind Quiz has been a handheld unit exclusive use launched by Segatoys in Japan. It became 200,000-unit hit hardware in Japan. The editorial supervisor is Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, whose books sold over 2 million copies in Japan as well. The PSP game introduces exercises of brain rejuvenating program at a school utilizing blackboard. Questions are based on his books, considering the characteristics of PSP's 4 buttons.

  • Prepares 49 exercises from 4 genres of calculation, reflex,judgement, and memory: All the exercises are qualified to rejuvenate brain with scientific experiments.
  • How old is your brain? Featuring Brain Age Checking Mode: Mind Quiz newly carries Brain Age Checking Mode that you can evaluate your brain age by solving questions once a day.
  • Intensified sense of fun: The stage for your activity is a school. You will experience brain rejuvenation program with 2 homeroom teachers. Well received features of previous title, such as Challenge Mode is quite improved. In Mind Quiz, you can enjoy Online Gameplay with your family and friends and Mock Exam that evaluates your comprehensive strength.
  • Convenient, Simple, and Anywhere Playable: By using only PSP's buttons, anyone can play at any age. Player enters BT2 school and starts training with teachers. There are a variety of unique brain training programs and difficulty settings. The training can suit anyone from the beginners to advanced users.

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