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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Dateline: 2006 - a terrorist group named Red Section attempts to hold the world to ransom with a terrifying weapon known only as Dark Mirror. A shadowy government agent, Gabe Logan, is dispatched to stop them; the tale becomes PSP (PlayStation Portable) Game of the Year (IGN), winning global critical acclaim and platitudes from gamers everywhere.

Dateline: 2007 - Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is visually updated and headed for launch on PlayStation 2 this September. So, if you missed Dark Mirror on PSP, now is your chance to take command of Logan’s black-ops agency and save the world from Dark Mirror before it’s too late. And, if you already own the PSP game, this is your opportunity to replay an amazing stealth-shooter with enhanced PlayStation 2 graphics and controls. Either way, Syphon Filter : Dark Mirror on PlayStation 2 is not to be missed.

As Logan, you specialise in missions too dangerous for conventional intelligence resources and too sensitive for a military response. Listed as MIA after your previous mission, you’ve returned from the dead in the nick of time. Red Section has attacked KemSynth Petroleum in Alaska and stolen a weapons research project codenamed Dark Mirror. All you know of this secretly-developed weapon is that its power is unprecedented and that its use would threaten the existence of civilisation as we know it. You must track Dark Mirror down and return it to safe hands – a mission that will lead you on an action-packed, death-defying chase across the world.

It’ll be one man against many - but you’ll have state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment to even the odds. You’ll take down terrorists with a sniper rifle that fires not just bullets but explosive shells and remote-controlled electro-shock darts. You’ll have a secret agent’s arsenal of pistols, machine guns and shotguns at your disposal; as well as access to grenades and mines to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. Infra-red, night-vision and electronic device-sensing goggles will help you find the way even when the night is pitch-black. There are no rules of engagement and no chain of command; your brief is to infiltrate – and to execute decisively.

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