Zoo Tycoon 2

Experience the thrills of creating a zoo with the new and improved features of Zoo Tycoon 2 DS. With more animals, more habitats, and more features, you can build a zoo beyond your wildest dreams. You will also be able to manage the business of your zoo, as well as care for the every day needs of each animal. The possibilities are endless in the world’s most popular animal simulation franchise.

  • Multi-Cart Play
  • Compete in a Tycoon showdown with a friend to see who can build the best zoo.
  • Zookeeper Mode Mini-games – Interact and care for 3D animals.
  • Feed, brush, clean, pet, and nurse using the stylus.
  • Zoo Director Mode – Manage your zoo to maximize its financial success.
  • Sign up sponsors and hold special events to boost attendance.
  • Zoo Designer Mode – Design and customize your own zoo.
  • Tons of new and different habitats and structures to chose from.
  • More animals to add to your zoo collection than ever before!
  • Over 35 animals to choose from
  • New fantasy animals, such as unicorns, yetis, triceratops, and much more!
  • Perform research projects to unlock special items.
  • Improved easy-to-use game play controls.
  • Use the stylus for all zoo activities.

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